About The Platform

The J.I.B.E Opportunities platform exists to ensure that one of the biggest barriers we face as the Youth, access to Information and Opportunities, is being eradicated. This platform is not a recruitment tool, it is an information tool!!

The platform, aims to offer opportunities of quality information to the Youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. The platform aims to work with citizens from various communities closely to give the youth experiences which they wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to. Ultimately, the goal is for the youth of South Africa – primarily those from disadvantaged backgrounds – to have equal access and opportunities to quality information and employment. 

Unlike most Youth portals, JIBE will be specifically targeting information dissemination in only 4 important areas: 

  • Jobs, Apprenticeships, Learnerships and Internships 
  • Innovation, this will include highlighting Youth related achievements and shining a spot light on all Youth related achievements no matter how big or small
  • Business, informing the Youth about important business and entrepreneurial opportunities, business seminars and workshops, business related information
  • Education, everything from when university registration opens to bursary opportunities


Education is a Right and not a Privilege 

Economic freedom (promoting social entrepreneurship) 

Tolerance and understanding

Empowerment (Innovation) 

Social awareness