Clicks Foundation Bursary Programme 2021

Closing Date 30 November 2021


THE CLICKS FOUNDATION BURSARY FUND IS A MERIT-BASED PROGRAMME AIMED AT ADDRESSING SCARCE AND CRITICAL SKILLS IN THE RETAIL AND PHARMACEUTICAL HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY. Bursars are rewarded for academic excellence as the Clicks Foundation bursary is gratuitous. The bursary funds academic studies that pertain to a current academic year of registration. The bursary award expressly excludes any fees or costs associated with previous study loans or tuition expenses.



A Clicks Foundation bursary contributes towards the following costs for undergraduate studies at a South African university:

• Registration fees

• Tuition fees

• Prescribed textbooks

• Support in the form of study assistance and aids where required


Minimum requirements

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

• Confirmed South African citizenship

• Registered 2nd, 3rd  or 4th  year undergraduate Pharmacy student

• Aged between 19 and 35 years

• Should have obtained average of 70% and above

• Not be in possession of another bursary or subject to a bursary obligation


Bursary applications are screened against the Clicks Foundation selection criteria, taking into account the national and provincial economic active population.

Preference is given to persons with disabilities and persons from designated groups. Bursaries are awarded at the Clicks Foundation’s sole discretion.