Job Search tips

Often times we get disheartened when the potential employer does not get back to us. Make sure to stay positive and focused during your job search, as difficult as it may be.

Sometimes our CV’s and approach to opportunities may be the reason. 

Below are a list of tips to use for future 

  • Cover more ground. Rather than just submitting your application to HR, send it to the head of the department that’s seeking the applicant as well. It’s always easier for an application to travel down the employment chain than up, so starting at the top can improve your odds of being seen.
  • Be proactive. In your cover letter, take the initiative by stating that you’ll call the hiring manager to find out next steps and answer any questions in X days. By following up rather than waiting around, you demonstrate your motivation and enthusiasm for the role. If you use this tactic, don’t come across as overly pushy. Keep your tone upbeat and polite, and give them at least a few days before you call. Then, be sure to reach out on the appointed day.
  • Focus on keywords. When you create your CV for a particular opportunity, ensure that it contains key words that relate to the opportunity description. And above all else, focus on integrating key skills from the opportunity description on your CV.
  • Just ask. It never hurts to ask, so if you just can’t wait any longer, pick up the phone or write an email. You can call or email the HR department or the department head. Politely ask if your application was received and always restate your interest in the position. It’s fine to do this once—and only once.
  • Keep your options open. If you do all of the above and never hear back, it may not be the best environment in which to work anyway. To up your odds of success, apply for multiple jobs. Sooner or later, someone will be in touch!