SovTech Graduate Programme 2022

To further the number of qualified graduates with practical experience in the tech industry, SovTech is launching its 2022, full-time graduate program that will see the firm taking on 30 graduates across several disciplines over a 1 year period.


What is the SovTech graduate programme?

The SovTech graduate program is a paid, non-linear learning opportunity and will not take a typical academic approach. It is geared towards young professionals (preferably with a qualification or studying towards one) who are entering the industry for the first time and is driven by mentorship, on-the-job experience, and engagement with professionals who have years of experience across Software, Business Development, and Design. The program duration is one year with the possibility of full-time employment, should the graduate prove to match our standards of excellence.


There is a vast shortage of skilled candidates with adequate work experience in South Africa and we are doing our part to help bridge that gap. This program will focus on developing technology skills such as coding, data analytics, and software or application development, as well as soft skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and communication skills.


Our Graduate Program will take place over one year. We are searching high and low for 30 passionate, ambitious, recently graduated individuals that see themselves growing within the Tech space, whether it be in:

– Software Engineering

– UI/UX Design

– Sales & Marketing

– Business Operations


While important, we don’t solely look at academic results for consideration to join the program.


The graduates will be appointed discipline-specific mentors to ensure their development in all required proficiencies during the length of the program.


In some cases, the students will go through a rotational setup thereby wearing many hats during their tenure at the company. There will be a continuous evaluation of their performance as they go through the program.


This program will be a practical, mentored, hands-on first-job environment where we hope to teach the selected graduates the foundations of the tech industry and how to effectively grow and use their skills. We believe that it is our responsibility as a longstanding industry player, to find and grow talent and that a graduate program of this nature is a solid foundation that is needed in the country.


Job requirements

What we are looking for

• You are a recent graduate, passionate about Technology and eager to be a part of a dynamic, growing company

• You must be based in Johannesburg or Cape Town

• You are self-organized, a good communicator & you feel aligned with our company values below

• You are driven and eager to learn

• You can commit to a one-year Graduate Program

• Benefits of the graduate programme

• Mentor support for the duration of the program

• Project diversity and the opportunity to take on real responsibility

• Potential job placements after the program ends

• Structured rotation

• Continued support


What training can I expect?

We are looking to fill our graduate program with candidates we can develop as future leaders of the business and industry altogether. The training you receive will well be structured, industry-specific, and include plenty of one-on-one mentoring. We have an open culture and you will have access to management and executive staff, their knowledge, as well as the opportunity to network with internal and external stakeholders which is invaluable.


The program will include professional development opportunities not limited to your specific discipline. This graduate program isn’t just about training and isn’t an internship. You will be given the same responsibilities and opportunities to showcase your work as other full-time staff members – maybe even more if you are training for management positions.