Teach the Nation Leadership Development Program (2022-2023) (Western Cape)

Teach The Nation (TTN), recruits  a network of exceptional leaders who will work together to change the inequity that characterizes our education system. Our network of leaders become a talent pool from which underserviced schools in the Western Cape will invite the most inspiring young leaders to a final interview as part of a selection process to lead through Education for the 2022 academic year. 


By becoming part of our inspiring pool of leaders, it means that the school knows that you a graduate professional with the skills and competencies needed to change the lives of students in high need schools because of your potential to be a change maker in classrooms and communities. If you are successful after the final interview with the school, you become part of a network of, South Africa’s most inspiring young leaders appointed into a two-year leadership development fellowship in high need schools with teaching as a window of opportunity for your leadership development.  


The fellowship equips Fellows with  the following: Leadership skills developed through powerful teaching methodologies to drive impacts throughout their leadership careers. Long-Term leadership development  and support as Teach the Nation and Teach for all Global Network Alumni Coaching and Mentoring from our experienced coaches and subject specialists Access to National and Global networks of Learning Communities. We are looking for change makers, advocates, teachers, and role models for our students showing the best of him/herself to impact positively on our children's lives. 



·        The qualities that excite us in an applicant are servant leadership potential and strong beliefs that his /her contribution at Teach the Nation can enable many children from underserviced communities in South Africa to achieve their dreams.

·        To motivate and influence our children to break the cycle of inequity and poverty.

·        must have a strong track record of demonstrated leadership outcomes and outstanding achievement, excellent problem-solving ,critical thinking skills, and a can-do


Duties & Responsibilities:

·        Empower students with strong belief of their capacity in contributing to the edifice of building a prosperous for all South Africa

·        Set high expectations for your students and build a culture of achievement in the classroom

·        Design effective lesson plans tailored to students’ needs

·        Provide one-on-one mentorship approaches of teaching to keep students engaged and motivate them to learn

·        Design and make use of learning aids to create a conducive learning environment for students

·        Collaborate with other teachers, school leaders and community members in order to provide comprehensive care for their students

·        Administer and analyse assessments in order to monitor students’ academic progress

·        Organise parent meetings to engage them in the learning of their children

·        Research, Plan and implement projects to address one primary challenge to students’ achievement.

·        Creatively inspire and engage with the students inside and outside the classroom


Qualification / Accreditations:

·        Must be a graduate of a 360 credit (NQF level 7) degree or advanced diploma from a recognised higher education institution

·        Attributes & Behaviours (competencies):

·        Resilience and perseverance

·        Critical thinking

·        Leadership

·        Communication and interpersonal skills

·        Passion for something greater than themselves


Location: Western Cape